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**Important!!  If there are ever any sudden changes in your cat's (or dog's) behavior, either physically,  emotionally, or behaviorally, it's VERY important to check with your vet right away to either diagnose or rule out any serious health conditions that might need immediate veterinary attention!**

Holistic feline health, nutrition, and wellness therapy
Holistic cat health and wellness

Holistic Nutrition Health Advisor & Wellness Therapy

Mobile & Video Services Available

I am a cat specialist and offer mobile pet wellness, recovery therapies, and holistic nutritional and behavioral health coaching. I feel that there are so many dog specialists and treatment options available, but that cats have gotten the short end of the stick and are slightly underrepresented, which is why I chose a feline focus. That being said, I am also trained to work with dogs, and through special requests, or if you're a current cat client needing help with your pup, I am available.

With so much information at our fingertips these days, the best treatments and options for your individual pet's healthcare can seem quite overwhelming. That's where having a holistic nutritional health and behavior coach to partner with comes in handy for both you and your cat! I've been trained in nutrition, animal health and wellness, feline behavior, and hands-on therapies like massage, cold laser therapy, acupressure and laser point acupressure.


Being trained in multiple modalities allows me to help your cat with recovery from surgery, injury, and/or trauma, as well as achieving and maintaining an optimal state of wellness. If your cat has emotional or behavioral issues that are causing problems, I can help you and your pet manage and improve these situations.

Initial house call consultations last approximately 90 minutes. This gives me time to get to know your cat in person and go over any diagnosis and recommendations from your cat's primary care vet, evaluate their current condition, and get more information from you regarding your pet and what you're seeing from day to day. The initial consultation is also a great time for you to ask any questions you might have regarding your cat or possible therapies you think might help, along with your short and long-term goals to help improve your cat's overall well-being.

Initial consultations include the visit, treatment, or treatments for that day, any treatment recommendations going forward along with the potential outcomes, as well as answering any questions you have that may come up between treatments regarding the conditions and issues identified at the initial consultation. If new issues or concerns arise, I do ask that we schedule a new consultation to determine the right course of action and explore what might be going on and how to best help your furbaby further! For treatments needed after our initial consultations, please see my pricing page for individual services.

I currently offer the services listed below. If you have questions about a specific service or how I might be able to help your pet, please feel free to contact me, and if needed, we can arrange for a phone call where I can get more details from you on your pet's condition. My Nutrition services, Feline Behavior Counseling services, and Holistic Integrative Pet Health Coaching services are available nationwide as this is something I am able to offer via video call!

Current Services Available

Feline Bodywork


**I also offer bodywork for Dogs**


Feline Bodywork can help better your cat's life and even improve their mood and attitude! Because cats are naturally wired to hide health issues, they don't always show the typical signs that dogs do when it comes to injury or pain. This means problems can sometimes go unnoticed, so it’s important to pay attention to any changes in movement and/or behavior, including soiling outside of the litter box, and be sure to check with your vet to rule out any serious medical conditions that need immediate attention. Cats (and dogs) are very sensitive to the energy around them and respond very well to bodywork techniques such as massage, acupressure, Tu Nai, and touch therapy. If things are out of balance, or your cat is experiencing pain, bodywork can help your cat feel better and make a big difference in how he/she feels and behaves.

Signs that your cat can benefit from bodywork can include 'slowing down', with age, lack of jumping up to higher places she/he used to, stops using the stairs or litter box, hiding more than usual, or isn't as social as he/she used to be. If you're noticing any of these in your cat, bodywork could be very beneficial. Even if your vet has a diagnosis and has prescribed a treatment, bodywork can be a fantastic complementary therapy to help your cat feel even better!

Reiki & Energy Work

Reiki is a form of energy healing with an Eastern origin. It is complementary, non-invasive, and can help activate the parasympathetic nervous system to restore and balance the flow of energy through the body.

Reiki Uses For Pets

+Promote relaxation

+Reduce stress

+Can Relieve/reduce pain

+Speed the healing process

+Help alleviate emotional stress and trauma

+Reduce anxiety/nervousness

+Increase energy levels

+Help recover from loss, injury, or training/performance

+Help with behavioral issues

From chronic health issues to stress, nervousness, or problem behaviors, Reiki is a great way to help your cat overcome issues and live her/his best life! Reiki can assist the body in its natural ability to correct and heal itself as well as develop an emotional and mental state of well-being.  Animals are sentient beings that experience both physical and emotional stress and pain and respond very well to Reiki as they are extremely sensitive, receptive, and naturally in tune with the energies around them.

Animal Energy and Reiki work
Cat Portrait
Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy

Laser technology has had a huge impact on medicine for both people and animals alike. It has been used to address and manage a variety of health conditions and is a painless, non-invasive, drug-free treatment that can help your cat live a happier, healthier life.

Cold laser therapy, referred to as LLLT (low-level laser therapy), helps to promote the healing of tissue and reduce pain through a process called photobiomodulation, where light interacts with cells and causes a biochemical reaction. This helps the natural healing process by increasing blood flow and stimulating cell regeneration.  It can help the body produce ATP, a naturally occurring substance in the body, which is an energy-carrying molecule found in all living things. It captures chemical energy and releases it to fuel other cellular processes and also helps prevent pain signals from reaching the brain. This can help reduce the amount of pain your cat might be experiencing, along with speeding the recovery process from surgery, and injury. 


Other potential benefits can include the management and reduction of pain by activating the lymphatic drainage system to reduce inflammation, stimulating the production of endorphins to help counteract pain, increasing circulation at a cellular level to help stimulate the immune system and help in the development of muscle tissue, as well as enhance collagen production which aids in the repair process of damaged tissue repair.

Feline Nutrition

Nutrition is the foundation for good health, both with people and animals, so when it comes to what your cat, or dog, eats, feeding them the best food possible is important. When we feed our cats (and dogs) what nature intended for them to eat, it gives them the fuel their bodies need to perform optimally and thrive. This is called a species-appropriate diet, and sadly many of the choices we have available for our cats (and our dogs) are a far cry from what they should be.

So what is a species-appropriate diet for cats and how do you go about feeding the best foods possible? In today's pet food marketplace, it can be a challenge. There are so many choices and if you've ever tried to read the ingredients on pet food, you know it's hard to understand what exactly is in the food. Did you know that chronic kidney disease is one of the most common ailments with the majority of cats today and that what you feed your cat can help you avoid this problem altogether?  With the right food choices, you can help your cat feel his best, relieve certain pains like arthritis, improve skin and coat, and live a longer healthier life! And isn't that what we all want? The most time possible with our furbabies!

A cat's diet is complex and certain nutrients are needed in order for your cat to avoid health issues and thrive, so if you're ready to learn more about how to give your cat the best chance at his best life, I'd love to help you learn what's best for your furry feline!

Feline Nutritional Counseling
Feline Behavior Counseling

Feline Behavior

Let's face it, Cats can be tricky....


While many consider cats to be an aloof smaller version of dogs, all of you cat people know they are definitely not smaller versions of a dog!  Even for seasoned cat parents, it can be difficult to understand a cat's behavior without first getting into the mind of a cat and learning the 'why' behind what they do.

There's a common misconception regarding cats that makes it hard for owners to employ the right types of practices in order to correct or avoid unwanted behavior. People anthropomorphize. If our cat tries to scratch us when we reach to pet their back, some think the cat is mad at us or just being a jerk... but this isn't the case. While cats do indeed have many feelings and emotions,  they don't always have the same emotional responses that people would. There are many factors to take into account as to why the cat tried to scratch. For example, was he sleeping and startled by the touch; is he an older fellow that may have some possible pains and/or arthritis in his back, or wherever he was touched? The list goes on, but learning how a cat communicates is extremely important in decoding how to understand your cat.

If you're having issues and can't quite pinpoint a solution to the problem, I can help you better understand your cat's behavior and show you how to resolve issues and get the results you're looking for.

Holistic, Integrative Pet Health Coaching

Through an integrative approach to health, wellness, and the prevention as well as support and treatment of disease and illness, it is my goal to empower cat parents to help their furries live happier, healthier, longer lives. If you have a new furry family member and are looking for direction on proper nutrition and setting the groundwork for a healthy future, or you have concerns regarding an established furry family member and need assistance with a natural health improvement plan to compliment your veterinary care, I’m here to help!

In collaboration with your veterinarian, I'm able to help your furry feel better and thrive using natural Eastern modalities, food nutrition, herbs, and supplements, as well as non-invasive hands-on therapies such as massage and Cold Laser Therapy when needed.


If your furbaby is recovering from an injury or surgery, or has some problematic behavior issues you'd like to address and correct, I'd love to help in the recovery or correction process. My non-invasive approach is to assess the condition or issue by looking at the whole animal, not just the symptoms or injury, in order to determine the underlying cause and the best course of action. For injury/surgery, I use methods that help speed recovery, and for chronic conditions or behavioral issues, I work to bring balance back to the animal through natural methods in order to accomplish a greater state of health and well-being for your pet.

Holistic Integrative Pet Health Coaching
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